Slay Zombies with a Bunny

Hothead games just get better and now they’re breaking into the iPhone market with a tower defense style game in which you play as a midly deranged bunny, defending and protecting children from oncoming zombies.

“At Hothead, we strive to produce the most innovative, fun games possible with a unique twist and I’m happy to say Bunny the Zombie Slayer follows that mold”, said Hothead Producer Joel DeYoung.

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“Like most heroes, we felt that this Bunny had attitude and a fearless streak and we are happy to give gamers of all ages a fun way to interact with a very brave rabbit.”

The idea is to launch projectiles at the heads of zombies to decapitate them and therefore, keep the children safe, here’s a trailer to demonstrate…

See the iTunes page or Hothead Games website for more info.