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Live the City Life On Your iPhone

TeamLava has announced the release of their social city-building game City Story for iOS devices. In their second title, an urban sequel to their App Store darling Farm Story, players can dust off their overalls and try out life as a city slicker. The game features crisp, colorful graphics and a touch-friendly interface that’s optimized for small screens. With Facebook integration and gifting, City Story gives players a robust city simulator with tons of unexpected challenges. Best of all, it’s completely free to play! City Story lets players construct their dream city with cafés, boutiques, bakeries, hotels, landmarks and more. Starting with just a plot of concrete, watch the population skyrocket as a bustling city comes to life. Gamers can build this urban paradise from the ground up, but they won’t have to do it alone. City Story connects with Facebook to reward good neighbors who send messages and gifts to their friends. City Story lets you take an engaging social experience with you wherever you go.

Go To The Seaside With Your iPad

Rather than make a post that would most likely be 80% snippets, here’s the whole press release. When we first saw news on the iPad, we knew there would be a lot of ponds and fish tanks coming out for the iPad. Com2uS thought the iPad deserved something bigger, like the Ocean. So we started creating an Ocean just for the iPad ‘Ocean Blue’ gives you the experience of a real dive into the ocean. To give users a great experience of the ocean, the whole development and graphic design team jumped into the ocean to learn scuba diving in Philipines. Investigations to the very detail on different fishes that live in the deep and shallow parts of the sea have been made to deliver the ocean as it is to the iPad in true 3D graphics and movements.

FDG Go Beyond Ynth

FDG Entertainment have brought you titles like Bobby Carrot Forever and Parachute Panic, but have now announced a game that’s been in development since 2009 and due for release in September. Ynth was released last year, now comes the successor of that, Beyond Ynth which is being co-produced with KRABL and with the announcement comes some screenshots and a trailer for you to see.

HandyGames Gives You Tough Choice

Life is full of choices, some of them tough, some of them easy, but HandyGames are offering a choice that doesn’t sound good either way. “Have you ever seen an app that allows you to eat your friends?”, asks Christopher Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames. In addition to an international online highscore board and the innovative. “Pimp my Shark” feature, Shark or Die features a multiplayer eating competition mode on the iPad! Incredible!”

Become A Rally Master On The iPad

Rev up your engines and… no, let’s not go there.. FishLabs are going to be releasing Rally Master Pro for the iPad in September which will see the humble game go from small to big res, with a beta version to be introduced at Gamescom. The blurb: In keeping with the high resolution of the Apple computer, the Rally Master Pro graphics have been elevated to the iPad level and offer unparalleled racing pleasure. The sophisticated driving physics, which individually calculates each wheel according to the weather and the corresponding driving characteristics, along with the customisable controls, creates the perfect illusion of a real hard-core rally.

Check In With MyTown

Booyah created an app called MyTown which, in a kind of way, is like Foursquare that you check in at locations and score points, now they have announced that it’s available for Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. “Booyah is the premier mobile and social gaming company on top of the exploding location graph,” said Keith Lee, CEO, Booyah. “Our launches in the UK, Australia and Canada are just the beginning of bringing real world gaming to players across the globe.”

Get AtomBlast For Free, No Joke

Jester’s Shoes has decided to allow people to download AtomBlast HD for free today as a special one-day-only offer for all you iPad owners that are now skint through buying the device and have nothing to play on it. Game info: AtomBlast HD offers a unique alternative to the usual ‘match-3’ puzzle games, testing a player’s skill and cunning to dominate the game board with their coloured atoms. Players take turns to place their atoms on the board, setting up chain reactions to capture their opponent’s atoms and win the round.

Behold, The Age of Mushroom Is Coming!

G5 Entertainment have seen the future and that future is mushrooms. Man has come a long way to reach the level of evolution we are now at, but G5 has seen past even the next stage to show us that before we reach the Pure Energy stage, we will become mushrooms. All this can be explained in the form of an iPhone and iPad puzzler called Mushroom Age which was originally developed for PC by NevoSoft and reached top of the charts of virtually all casual game portals due to being downloaded several million times.

Snakes On a Motherf**kin' iPad!

Either these press releases are released late or they get lost in the mail or something, but Bulkypix announced a few days ago that Snake Galaxy is launched onto the App Store tomorrow, Wednesday, August 4th. “The Guinness World Records 2010 Gamer’s Edition has just declared that the mobile version of Snake is the most played game on the planet,” said Vincent Dondaine, COO of Bulkypix. “Snake Galaxy for the iPad is beautiful. The design of the 3D worlds is stunning. Different planets all have different types of fun obstacles to pass by, keeping you wondering what’s next. You’ll enjoy yourself for hours.”

Worms Reduced for iPhone

Team17 has reduced the price of Worms for the iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store due to them recently announcing Worms Reloaded in a bid to get gamers in the mood for some explosive wriggly action. The mobile game, which is a classic action-strategy title, provides almost limitless mayhem with stacks of entertainment for single-players and multi-players.