Manage A Supermarket On The iPad

G5 Entertainment has announced that Supermarket Management HD, is now available for the iPad on the App Store.
Game info:
The game follows Kate, a recent college grad, in her quest for career success. A great supermarket manager job has just fallen into her lap. However, if you can’t help Kate keep her customers happy by successfully juggling a variety of tasks, she’ll lose her new job as easily as she got it.

Kate’s tasks range from keeping shelves stocked to hiring and supervising new employees. Players can also purchase a wide variety of upgrades to make the store run even more smoothly. As Kate’s responsibilities move from basic tasks to more managerial duties, the game becomes more complex.
Other features of Supermarket Management HD include:
– 49 challenging levels
– 4 different shops
– More than 13 upgrades for your shop and your character
– 9 sale mini-games
– 3 assistants to hire
– 3 more special-task counters to purchase and upgrade
Supermarket Management HD is available on the App Store at:
For more information, please visit Supermarket Management’s home page at,G5Entertainment‘s YouTube channel at, or G5’s Facebook page at