Fastar! Is So Fast, It’s Free

At least, today it’s free anyway. By going to, you can find out all the details of how you can now pick up and enjoy this excellent action RPG parody from Cat in a Box Games at no cost.
Game info:
Fastar! is the timeless tale of a boy with a big sword and a bowtie journeying across vast lands while being ambushed by malicious geometry. Wait, what, seriously? I m not typing that, it doesn t make any sense. Oh, look what you made me do. I ll just start over.
Fastar! is an Action RPG for when you just don t have time for an Action RPG. Dead simple to pick up and play, you ll be slashing and shopping your way across the grassy plains of [irrelevant flavorful name of fantasy world here] in seconds. You ll cross the world in mere minutes. But mastery of your true objective – reaching that goal as fast as humanly possible – could take a lifetime. for more info about the developer.

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