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Mass Effect 3 Omega Launch Trailer

If you were waiting for more single player downloadable content for Mass Effect 3, this week sees the launch of Mass Effect 3: Omega in which you fight alongside Aria T’Loak to take back the Black Market Space Station.

Mass Effect 3 Starts a Rebellion

Available right now and for absolutely NOTHING is the FREE multiplayer content for Mass Effect 3 called the Rebellion Pack which adds a bunch of new stuff for you to enjoy new maps and characters, there’s also a trailer to show you more.

Mass Effect 3 Covers

Yeah yeah, hardly a major announcement, but some people like to see the cover art of the game they’ve been rampantly obsessing over since it was announced. It’s not much of a surprise and you’ve pretty much seen the image that has been used before, so for those of you that want to see, look down…


It’s the game everyone has been talking about for the last few months and the demo that has been played a whole load for about a week now, Mass Effect 3 now has a latest and greatest trailer available to further blow your mind and asks the question, are you ready to take back the Earth from the Reapers?!

Who Are the Voices Behind Mass Effect 3?

In what appears to be quite a bold move by EA and BioWare, they have released a video and some images of characters and who voices them, which includes someone that has caused quite a stir on the internet as that person is a member of a website that did a Mass Effect 3 preview not so long ago by the very same person, very controversial indeed.