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Gorillaz To Debut On The iPad

You may not hear too much of them these days, but Gorillaz are still around and now even have a game released for the iPhone and iPad entitled, Escape to Plastic Beach. “Branded games are vital new revenue streams for the music industry, and EMI has been a pioneer in the field – witness the success of the campaign we worked on with them for Lily Allen, for example,” Said Jeff Coghlan, Founder and Managing Director of Matmi. “As a developer working on both online and mobile platforms, Unity is a great platform because it makes the port from online to the iPhone and iPad so simple. We can develop games which are higher quality than Flash-based games and by working in Unity, we can reach new game-playing audiences on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. For developers and clients targeting both online and mobile audiences, Unity’s development platform has the advantage.”