Gorillaz To Debut On The iPad

You may not hear too much of them these days, but Gorillaz are still around and now even have a game released for the iPhone and iPad entitled, Escape to Plastic Beach.

“Branded games are vital new revenue streams for the music industry, and EMI has been a pioneer in the field – witness the success of the campaign we worked on with them for Lily Allen, for example,”

Said Jeff Coghlan, Founder and Managing Director of Matmi.

“As a developer working on both online and mobile platforms, Unity is a great platform because it makes the port from online to the iPhone and iPad so simple. We can develop games which are higher quality than Flash-based games and by working in Unity, we can reach new game-playing audiences on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. For developers and clients targeting both online and mobile audiences, Unity’s development platform has the advantage.”

About the Game:
Players assume the role of Gorillaz’s bandleader Murdoc, as he goes to nigh Herculean lengths to get the “Plastic Beach” album recorded. Fortunately, Murdoc has his “Doom Glider,” a hang glider equipped with twin machine guns and a healthy disregard for the sanctity of human life, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get this album made.
Designed especially for the tilt controls of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and featuring eight exciting levels of gun-toting, gliding action in full 3D, as well as designs from band co-creator Jamie Hewlett and music and voice-overs from the band themselves, “Escape From Plastic Beach” is a must-have app for any Gorillaz fan.

  • Eight Exciting Levels – Fight, fly and fire your way through eight levels of Gorillaz action with varied goals and missions and a whole bundle of hazards and enemies to deal with.
  • Amazing 3D Graphics – Plastic Beach is recreated in full 3D, with designs from Jamie Hewlett, designer of the Gorillaz.
  • Awesome Sounds – Gorillaz soundtrack from the Plastic Beach album and voice-overs from the band themselves!
  • Global Scoreboard – Compete against your friends or even total strangers by posting your score to the official Gorillaz scoreboard.

Pick your format: iPhone or iPad.