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Marvel Heroes Closed Beta Key Giveaway

It’s Mental Gamers’ biggest giveaway ever! There are a thousand, that’s 1000 Marvel Heroes closed beta keys available for you to snap up and play this weekend, pass the word around and tell your friends, get them while you can!

EVE Online Gets Incursion Patch

All you EVE MMO nerds can gasm on the fact EVE Online: Incursion 1.2 was deployed to Tranquility, the EVE Online server which is continuing CCP‘s new content deployment strategy of smaller, more frequent content patches. It seems that it’s better to deliver optimizations and features to players as soon as they are polished so that things are kept running smoothly, so, just what info is there?! Incursion 1.2 is the thematic successor to Incursion 1.0, which brought a host of changes with the prioritization help of the Council of Stellar Management, a player-elected representative body of EVE’s 350,000 pilots.

Dragonica Expansion Now Live

Gala Networks Europe, what, who?! Well, they’re apparently the leading free-to-play games publisher that operates the http://www.gPotato.eu portal, still unclear? If you’ve heard of Dragonica and you play it, you may be interested to know that the Awakening of the Ice Dragon expansion is now live. Gamers will be able to level up to 75, discover a whole new continent and take advantage of some new features based around in-game markets and auctions.

WoT a Record Breaker

World of Tanks has brokena world record for having the most simulanteous players on a server by reaching 74,536 when the Russian version was released. “The online peak has been growing steadily for the past several weeks, and the PCCU numbers shown by both World of Tanks versions are just astonishing. We are extremely proud of the scale of popularity the game has managed to gain so far.” — says Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi. “The fact that Western and Russian players keep on joining the ranks of virtual tank commanders makes us believe that more records are to come”. Join in by going to game.worldoftanks.com/registration/cbt.

World of Tanks, Population: One Million

Image via Wikipedia If you haven’t played the free MMO World of Tanks, why not? I’ll admit that I haven’t due to not being my kind of game, but that hasn’t stopped over a million people registering their interest to play the beta. With there being so many Europeans getting in on the action, Wargaming.net are installing additional European servers to the line-up while polishing the game as bugs are found and reported in the effort to get the game as near to perfection as possible before the general release that should be happening this first quarter.

Register For LOtRO, Get €10 Free

Codemasters Online has announced that The Lord of the Rings Online has been confirmed for gamescom 2010. To celebrate the introduction of LOTRO’s new pricing model that allows players to download the game and play for free. Codemasters Online will be offering free Points to the value of €10 in a promotional giveaway for all who register for a free account in their booth at gamescom this year. Visitors to the Codemasters Online/Warner Bros. booth, located in Hall 8.1, A31, will have the opportunity to register for their free account and will be rewarded with €10 worth of free in-game Points to spend in the new LOTRO Store when the game goes free-to-play this coming Autumn.