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EVE Online Gets Incursion Patch

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All you EVE MMO nerds can gasm on the fact EVE Online: Incursion 1.2 was deployed to Tranquility, the EVE Online server which is continuing CCP‘s new content deployment strategy of smaller, more frequent content patches.
It seems that it’s better to deliver optimizations and features to players as soon as they are polished so that things are kept running smoothly, so, just what info is there?! Incursion 1.2 is the thematic successor to Incursion 1.0, which brought a host of changes with the prioritization help of the Council of Stellar Management, a player-elected representative body of EVE’s 350,000 pilots.

A team of dedicated EVE Online developers have declared war on hundreds of “quality of life” improvements and are working their way through them throughout the Incursion release cycle. Today’s release addresses often-requested optimizations including enhancements for clones and jump clones, market improvements, the return of character capturing in game and much more. A full list of improvements can be found here.
The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is now undergoing it’s candidacy application period for the Sixth CSM, which ends just prior to midnight on February 23rd. Then, March 2nd will see the publication of approved candidates. Voting will occur between March 9th and 23rd. The CSM, unique to gaming, is a player-elected council that represents the views of the members of the EVE Online community to CCP.   More information on the CSM and candidacy application can be found here.
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