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Take Out Zombies, With Your Farts

Well, maybe not your farts, but fart clouds that you guide to protect Japanese schoolgirls (bad timing?) from oncoming hordes of zombies by performing fart combos, car demolition and funny Special Attacks! “I think people will get shocked by the fool and absurd story” said Daniel Fernandez, CEO of Mutant Games. “The game combines many genres that are overseen on the App Store, I hope that FVZ will help to make developers, press and players aware of the abuse of these clichés, so they can develop, write about and buy more innovative games.”

Become a Champion Striker on the iPhone

Mutant Games has released Champion Striker onto the Spp Store today and for a limited time, can be yours for just 59p. “We felt that none of the other penalty games in the App Store offered a complete experience, in Champion Striker you can be the goalkeeper, taking advantage of the iPhone’s accelerometer, or play a penalty round against a friend in the bar” said Daniel Fernandez, CEO of Mutant Games. “We’re very proud of the captains illustrations, they differentiate our game from the other penalty games” said Jaime Herrera, Art Director at Mutant Games.