Take Out Zombies, With Your Farts

Well, maybe not your farts, but fart clouds that you guide to protect Japanese schoolgirls (bad timing?) from oncoming hordes of zombies by performing fart combos, car demolition and funny Special Attacks!
“I think people will get shocked by the fool and absurd story” said Daniel Fernandez, CEO of Mutant Games. “The game combines many genres that are overseen on the App Store, I hope that FVZ will help to make developers, press and players aware of the abuse of these clichés, so they can develop, write about and buy more innovative games.”

Some blurb:
A mysterious Evil Unicorn seems to be the cause of the zombie virus, meet up with your old friend Banana Max and together, you will crush the zombies to free the town from The Evil Unicorn. Farts VS Zombies has both a Survival Mode and a Story Mode and it features Open Feint and Game Center: Beat challenges, win achievements and track your score on the global online leaderboards, you can even challenge your friends and submit your scores to Facebook and Twitter.

Visit the App Store on iTunes to get the lite version, but if you’re brave enough to buy it, get the full version which will continue to receive updates featuring new Extra Modes.

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