Save Humanity… Or Just Los Angeles

Comic-con 2010 - Battle Los Angeles Chopper
Image by jeck_crow via Flickr

I’ve heard that the Battle: Los Angeles movie is quite bad, I dunno, I think it looks pretty good, but who listens to critics, eh?! The videogame on the other hand, doesn’t particularly look that special, you can reference it to about three games as soon as you see it.
That said, the gameplay seems to be there and the graphics seem rather impressive, so is it worth 800 MS Points? It may seem surprising that the videogame of a movie is only getting an Arcade/PSN release, but that’s not to say it’s not as worthy as a proper, full retail version.

Some game info:
Developed by Saber Interactive and powered by the Saber 3D Engine, Battle: Los Angeles is a high-end fast and frantic first-person shooter game that will take players through a single player campaign that mirrors the upcoming feature film. Players will assume the role of a Marine fighting against a worldwide alien invasion that has the city of Los Angeles as the major battleground and focal point for the game. Players will battle unique and varied enemies using an arsenal of weapons throughout the game like an assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher, frag grenades, and a turret gun as they navigate the streets of Los Angeles avoiding fierce and relentless attacks.
Aside from high-caliber fire fighting combat, destructible environments have been included using the Havok Destruction Module which will allow players to destroy scaffolding structures, vehicles and overpasses to eliminate enemy forces. With unlockable content, trophy support, and 5.1 surround sound, Battle: Los Angeles will pull players deep into the heart of the battle to save mankind.
It’s available on the Xbox Live Arcade right now, PlayStation 3 owners will have to wait until March 22nd with PC gamers needing to wait till probably the end of the month to buy it on Steam.

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