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Final We Sing 80's Tracks Unveiled

It doesn’t seem that long since announcing the previous batch of songs to be included in We Sing 80’s, but Nordic Games want you all to know  as early as possible the final eight songs, they also provide the full track list in case you previously missed any.

We Sing 80's, Coming Soon

Just to remind you that We Sing 80’s is coming soon, Nordic Games have released a trailer which is simply called, “Coming Soon”. Quite apt since it’s scheduled for release on the Nintendo Wii on September 28th (next Friday).

We Sing More 80's

The 80’s was a great era for music, so many ground-breaking tracks that are continuing to influence the artists of today and soon, you’ll be able to croon along to some of the best of them.

Think You Can Sing Rolling In the Deep?

The We Sing series has landed on Pop which covers pretty much everyone in the charts since genres don’t seem to matter anymore, which is why We Sing Pop features tracks from the likes of Tinie Tempah and Outkast, exactly, that’s what I thought.

Alan Wake Collector's Edition Detailed

PC gamers who are getting their knickers in a twist over the upcoming release of Alan Wake will be pleased to know that there will be a collectors edition that features, well, not that much extra compared to the standard edition, but they’re charging an extra £5, so is it worth it?

The We Sing Rock Track List

There can be some discrepancies to what or who can be considered rock music, especially these days where genre hardly seems to matter until it becomes and argument over whether My Chemical Romance are emo or not.

Germans Get To Sing on Wii

A dedicated version of We Sing has been released in Germany, Deutsche Hits features tracks from top artists such as Die Fantastischen Vier and Nena and should prove quite popular since karaoke is quite a big thing in Deutschland. “Although many of the world’s most famous songs have been written and performed in English, we know that belting out songs in your own language allows players to truly immerse themselves in the game.” said Nik Blower, sales and marketing director, Nordic Games.

We Dance Features on Wii

Nordic Games are going from singing to dancing with We Dance where up to four players will be able to participate in some simulataneous boogie behaviour to 40 classic dance tracks in what is claimed to be one of the most ‘realistic’ dancing games, not sure just how realistic you can get apart from very…

WeSing Robbie Songlist Revealed

Nordic Games has revealed the songlist for WeSing Robbie, 25 tracks covering 12 years in the business will be yours to croon along to this October when it’s released for the Wii. “These tracks undoubtedly represent the finest from Robbie Williams’ vast discography,” says Nik Blower, Nordic Games Sales and Marketing Director. “We’re really excited to be able to announce the tracklisting and know fans are going to be delighted with it.” More info: The game will also include footage from Robbie Williams’ 2003 Knebworth concert and a photo gallery and a bonus single which will be announced in coming weeks. Other features include Solo, Party, Karaoke and Jukebox modes, singing lessons, in-game awards and eight different multiplayer modes.