We Sing More 80's

The 80’s was a great era for music, so many ground-breaking tracks that are continuing to influence the artists of today and soon, you’ll be able to croon along to some of the best of them.

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The third batch of songs to be revealed is:

  • Queen – I Want to Break Free
  • Toto – Africa
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power of Love
  • Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
  • The Human League – Don’t You Want Me
  • Sade – Smooth Operator
  • Lionel Ritchie – All Night Long (All Night)
  • Cameo – Word Up!
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One of the most famous rock bands in history, Queen, make their way on the tracklist for We Sing 80s with I Want To Break Free. In April 1984, the song hit number three in the UK and featured in the top 10 of a number of European and Latin American countries.
Africa, sung by rock band Toto featured on their 1982 album Toto IV. It reached number three in the UK Singles Chart in February 1983 and in the same month Africa took the sates by storm and achieved the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Released by Frankie Goes to Hollywood in November 1984, The Power of Love had a slower melodic rhythm that stood out from other tracks. With the video’s decidedly festive theme, the track reached the top of the tree as the Christmas number one in the UK.
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now, recorded by American rock band Starship hit number one in the Billboard Hot 100 on April 4, 1987. The song’s meteoric rise saw it reach number one in the UK Singles Chart for up to four weeks the following month and became the UK’s second biggest selling single of 1987.

One of the most memorable tracks of the 80s, Don’t You Want Me sung by The Human League had music lovers euphoric, with 1,400,000 copies sold in the UK, making it the 25th most successful single in UK Singles Chart history. In 1981, Don’t You Want Me hit was Christmas number 1 in the United Kingdom and later topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks in the United States in July 1982.
Smooth Operator was the fourth and final single to be released from the group Sade from their debut album Diamond Life in 1984.The song lives up to its name with beautiful instrumental and smoothly sung lyrics. It peaked at number five in the US Billboard Hot 100 charts and was Sade’s most successful international hit.

The ever famous Lionel Ritchie raised his profile ever more with timeless classic All Night Long (All Night). Lionel Ritchie took a new dance approach, which proved popular and helped All Night Long reach number one on three Billboard charts (Pop, R&B and Adult Contemporary). It was also a huge success in the UK, remaining at number two on the UK Singles Chart for three weeks.
Cameo, the soul-influenced funk group from America focused on their funk dance tracks and the track Word Up! saw a continuation of that theme. The song was an immense success in the 80s making many chart appearances, with Cameo’s first US Top 40 hit peaking at number six. Word Up! also spent three weeks at number one on the US Hot Black Singles chart, one week at number one on the US Hot Dance Singles chart and reached number three in the United Kingdom.
If you bothered to read all that, I salute your awesome dedication to music and you’ll be happy to know that We Sing 80’s is scheduled for release on September 28th, you can find out more at www.facebook.com/WeSingGame.