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Warframe Gets Hydroid Update

Since Warframe update news is so popular, here’s the latest. Update 13: Dark Sectors is now available after the developers once again listened to feedback and this time, there are some PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Warframe Players Receive Special Gift

Warframe is now one year old and to celebrate, players will receive a special gift when they next log on. PlayStation 4 gamers will have to wait until the next system update, no idea when that will happen due to PlayStation announcing it on the day.

Warframe Update Adds Rhino Prime

Warframe developers have listened to the ever increasing player base who wanted the prime version and it has arrived. Well, in the US, South America and Europe, the update will hit Japan tomorrow.

Warframe Breaks 5.5m Users

Warframe has reached 5.5 million PC users and with this announcement comes another update, Update 12: Zephyr Rises which brings a new Heads Up Display, weapons, game mode, and a new Air Based Warframe – Zephyr.