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Warframe Update Adds Rhino Prime

Warframe developers have listened to the ever increasing player base who wanted the prime version and it has arrived. Well, in the US, South America and Europe, the update will hit Japan tomorrow.

Warframe Rhino Prime
RHINO PRIME: PRIME ACCESS IS HERE – Charging in with brute force, Prime Access brings you Rhino Prime. The new golden-gilded Rhino Prime brings strength and fortitude to the ranks of esteemed Prime Warframes. Along with him, a collection of Elite Prime Weapons and Exclusive Prime Accessories are available through Prime Access in the PSN Store.
Prime Access will go Live on the PSN Store:

  • March 25 – North/South America
  • March 26 – Europe and Asia
  • March 27 – Japan
Warframe Rhino Prime Update Warframe Rhino Prime Update Warframe Rhino Prime Update

NEW TILESET – Heavy rain, lightning, moving machinery and waterfalls form the Grineer Shipyard. Explore this new tileset now!
NEW GAME MODE –In Hijack, Tenno must find a Fomorian Power Cell and activate the control panel to release it. Once released, players will have to rush to reach the Extraction Point with the Power Cell while fighting off the enemy.

Warframe Rhino Prime Update Warframe Rhino Prime Update Warframe Rhino Prime Update

TETHRA’S DOOM – Stop Councilor Vay Hek’s plans for domination!
Vay Hek is aiming to take control of the Origin System by rebuilding the Fomorian Fleet. With thousands of Fomorian ships in production, the Grineer will be unstoppable. Fight with your fellow Tenno, help save the Solar System and reap the rewards!
Players will receive a Blueprint from The Lotus for the Tethra Cipher Key. Craft the Cipher using data fragments found in the Tethra’s Doom Interception Mission on Earth to open the NEW TILESET – the Grineer Shipyard! Play the NEW HIJACK GAME MODE within to stop the Grineer from rebuilding the Fomorian Fleet. Be diligent, Tenno. An Affinity Booster, four new Mods and the Gorgon Wraith could be yours.
Tethra’s Doom is on now and ends April 1 @ 1:00pm EDT.