OlliOlli Flipping On To PC, PS3 and PS4

OlliOlli launched on the PlayStation Vita to some success, so will now get ported to the PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 this Summer. Blitworks will help bring it to PlayStation consoles while Devolver Digital will kick-flip it on to the PC market.

Simon Bennett, Founding Director at Roll7 is confident about progress; “We already have a first playable up and running on the PS4, it’s like our little OlliOlli grew up and got some balls! Really feels amazing on the Dualshock too…”

OlliOlli skating over to the PS4 and PS3 later...
Roll7, who developed OlliOlli say that it’s still a Vita exclusive until it launches on the other formats later this year.

Roll7’s John Ribbins is just happy to see loads of people enjoying the game “watching tens of thousands of gamers on the Daily Grind every day and seeing the massive scores people are racking up gives me a nice fuzzy warm feeling!”

They’re also on the verge of releasing a patch which should fix the crash bug and are putting in a little surprise in there.