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Xbox Not-So-Rewarding

In an effort to try to give something back to the gamers, Microsoft created Xbox Live Rewards, a scheme which rewards you for playing games or doing menial tasks like filling in a survey every month.

Last Weeks XBL Activity

Major Nelson has posted the Xbox Live Activity charts for what was most played from the week starting February 18th and it seems while Dead Space 3 was hyped up so much, it doesn’t appear to be getting much use online and there’s a surprising entry at number nine.

Why You Should Ditch Xbox Live for PS Plus

Yes, it’s one of those posts, you don’t have to read it, but I would appreciate it if you would at least skim through it. This isn’t because someone else posted an article like this just recently, it was something planned when the latest Instant Game Collection was announced, similar views are purely coincidental.

XBL Activity Last Week

Major Nelson has released details of which games were most played on Xbox Live for the week starting December 3rd, also the top Arcade and Indie games, then finally, the top 20 Games for Windows titles.

On Xbox Live (Nov 27-Dec 10)

Plenty to choose from on Xbox Live as some classic SEGA fighting action arrives on the Arcade, Mass Effect 3: Omega launches and Grand Theft Auto IV and the add-ons are Deal of the Week.

Mass Effect 3 Starts a Rebellion

Available right now and for absolutely NOTHING is the FREE multiplayer content for Mass Effect 3 called the Rebellion Pack which adds a bunch of new stuff for you to enjoy new maps and characters, there’s also a trailer to show you more.

Xbox Live Content Until June 11th

Streets of Rage for 800 MSP? I know you get all three games for that, but come on, money for old rope? A good deal will start from the 6th of June as Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Collection is cut by 50% to 800 MSP, as well as Borderlands add-ons.

People WILL Pay Full Price for GoD

I’ve always thought of Xbox Live’s Games on Demand service is over-priced and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking so, Pav Bhardwaj doesn’t think so, but who is he to come to the defense of Games on Demand? Oh, he’s the UK Project Manager, apparently.

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Netflix Xbox 360 App Updated

Major Nelson has announced that an update to the Netflix app on Xbox 360 is now available, bringing a few new changes and cloud support so that you can access Netflix on other Xbox 360 consoles and the ability to make the picture full screen if a movie has borders.

Microsoft Pushing Media Apps

I saw a bit of a silly comment today saying that according to Microsoft, when people have finished playing games, they like to watch something, whether it be a video or stream something via an app and I thought, yeah, because you make these apps like Crackle available for free, of course people will watch stuff through them.