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Zumba Gets a Second Outing

Just when you thought it was safe to look at the charts again where some actual, proper games are finally entering the top ten, Majesco will be taking over again and possibly just in time to be the Christmas number one with the sequal to what must be the best selling Wii title, ever, Zumba Fitness 2.

Zumba Fitness 2.jpg It’s the craze that swept the nation in 2011 which allowed women (and possibly men of a certain type) to continue their Zumba regime at home when not at the local weekly class, as long as they have a Wii of course and an obsession for all things Zumba.
Additional features include:

  • Shake it in Style – From fan favorites like Salsa and Reggaeton to all new styles like Bellydance, Axe, Latin Pop and Pasodoble, players can choose from more than 20 dance styles.
  • Customize Your Experience – Select from more than 30 tracks in Single Song mode, take a class designed by Beto, Gina Grant or Tanya Beardsley, or craft your own playlist in Zumba Class mode. Invite your friends to join the fun in Zumba Party mode that supports up to 4 players. You can even take it slow in Learn the Steps tutorial mode before you dive into the choreography.
  • Location, Location, Location – Dance it up in five new, dynamic environments from a Miami Yacht to a Los Angeles nightclub.
  • Superstar Instructors – Dance and interact with top Zumba instructors Beto, Tanya Beardsley and Gina Grant. You can even customize each instructor’s outfit with the hottest Zumbawear styles.

With those new features come over 30 new tracks for you to get jiggy with from artists such as Nicole Scherzinger – Poison (remix) and Pitbull – Pause which is a favourite among the Zumba Fitness community.

“These talented artists are played across the globe because their songs make people want to get up and dance,” said Lisa Roth, Lead Producer, Majesco Entertainment. “We’re excited to pair our exclusive soundtrack with hot new choreography that will kick-start the workout and amp up the fun for millions of Zumba video game fans.”

Whilst the first Zumba is gradually dropping out of the charts, it looks like the second may do even better, why? Apparently, it will be released on another platform as well as the Wii. There doesn’t appear to be details of which system Zumba 2 is also in development for at the moment, but my guess would be the PlayStation 3 since, like the Wii, additional equipment (heart rate monitor, arm/leg straps, etc) needs to be used which means more money…
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