Build a Life of Crime on Your Android Phone

Game Insight has announced a game for Android devices that is our favourite thing, free! Although, it seems that there are some bugs if played on a HTC  Desire or Motorola Droid if the comments on the Android Market are anything to go by.
Also, while the game is apparently ad-free, it uses real money (as in, actual ££) for things like in-game bribes and requires you to allow the game to read sensitive log data, so why am I posting news on a game that sounds so bad?

The premise of Crime Story sounds rather good, it’s an empire-building game in which you work you way up through the ranks of the Mafia to take over territories and eliminate rivals, you know the usual stuff.

“Already a tremendous success in Russia, we are excited to offer Crime Story to Android audiences worldwide,” said Darya Trushkina, Vice President of Business Development for Game Insight.  “Crime Story is a powerful mix of aggressive empire-building and ruthless elimination of your foes, and really sets a new standard of play for the crime game genre.”

As long as you’re careful and don’t go spending any real money in the game and don’t have any sensitive log data on your phone, you could soon become the Don who has to go looking for your brother who has gone missing…

More info can be found at and