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Minicraft Wanders Freely Onto Android Market

Available now, for absolutely no money, on the Android Market is what you might call a 2D version of Minecraft which is aptly named, Minicraft. If you’re an avid Twitter user and follow the right people, you would have seen it mentioned and yes, it was developed by the original Minecraft guy, Markus Persson.

Build a Life of Crime on Your Android Phone

Game Insight has announced a game for Android devices that is our favourite thing, free! Although, it seems that there are some bugs if played on a HTC  Desire or Motorola Droid if the comments on the Android Market are anything to go by. Also, while the game is apparently ad-free, it uses real money (as in, actual ££) for things like in-game bribes and requires you to allow the game to read sensitive log data, so why am I posting news on a game that sounds so bad?

Hop Your Balls For Free

Ball-Hop Bowling or as you may know it better as, Skeeball or to put it another way, rolling wooden balls into numbered circles for tickets like you’ve no doubt had a go at during some point in your life if you’re over 25… or something *cough* has been made available for free on the Android Market. The only problem with this particular free version is that the adverts are constantly visible across the top of the screen, ads are ok most of the time as they’re quite unobtrusive and usually slide out of view after a few seconds (Angry Birds, for example), the gameplay isn’t affected though and is quite an enjoyable way to pass the time.

Doodle Jump Coming To Kinect

Doodle Jump is only on Android, the iPhone and on it’s way to the iPad at the moment, but Lima Sky have plans to bring it to the Xbox 360 and be playable with the Kinect. “After such incredible first two years, it is safe to say Doodle Jump has exceeded even our wildest imaginations,” says Igor Pusenjak, founder of Lima Sky.  “We are looking forward to bringing even more amazing content to millions of Doodle Jump fans around the world.”