Hop Your Balls For Free

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Ball-Hop Bowling or as you may know it better as, Skeeball or to put it another way, rolling wooden balls into numbered circles for tickets like you’ve no doubt had a go at during some point in your life if you’re over 25… or something *cough* has been made available for free on the Android Market.
The only problem with this particular free version is that the adverts are constantly visible across the top of the screen, ads are ok most of the time as they’re quite unobtrusive and usually slide out of view after a few seconds (Angry Birds, for example), the gameplay isn’t affected though and is quite an enjoyable way to pass the time.

President James Lau notes

“This arcade classic is a staple on mobile devices and we’re proud to offer this best of category experience for Android. Ball-Hop Bowling garnered near perfect user reviews and shot to the top of the Apple App Store charts in addition to being featured worldwide in its first day of release. The universal appeal on iOS is undeniable, and we hope Android users are equally excited to get this quality game in their collection at no charge.”

I’m not turning this into a review as it’s not meant to be one, but after playing for some time and building up tickets, I wondered what the tickets were for as I’d collected over 100, it seems you’ll need quite a bit more to unlock a new set of balls and a WHOLE lot more to ‘buy’ other stuff.

“The team obsessed over creating a faithful version of the real world counterpart. They measured and weighed the balls, played on a variety of machines, captured videos for reference, and tuned the physics until the game was exceptional.”

It’s certainly worth taking a look since it’s free and if you don’t have an Android phone, you could always get it for your iPhone and even play it on Facebook if you take heed of the following linkage:
Ball-Hop Bowling on Android Market: market.android.com/details?id=com.RenownEntertainment.BallHop
Ball-Hop Bowling on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ballhopbowling
Official Website: www.renownent.com/ballhopbowling