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Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy DLC Detailed

Square Enix has detailed which downloadable content is and will be made available for Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final Fantasy that starts off with a bunch of avatars at $0.49 or 49¢ to normal people and then costumes and BGM packs will become available for 99¢.

The avatars should be available now as they were released yesterday (June 28th), but the costumes and BGM packs can’t be purchased until they’re released on July 19th and further stuff will be put up on the PlayStation Network over the coming months.
Available Tuesday, June 28

  • Laguna Avatar $0.49¢
  • Shantotto Avatar $0.49¢
  • Cecil (Dark Knight) Avatar $0.49¢
  • Emperor Avatar $0.49¢
  • Kuja Avatar $0.49¢
  • Vaan Avatar $0.49¢
  • Exdeath Avatar $0.49¢

Available Tuesday, July 19

  • Bartz: Dancer Costume $0.99¢
  • Terra: Striped Dress Costume $0.99¢
  • Shantotto: Wedding Dress Costume $0.99¢
  • FINAL FANTASY V (3 Tracks) BGM Pack $0.99¢
  • FINAL FANTASY VI (3 Tracks) BGM Pack $0.99¢
  • FINAL FANTASY XI (3 Tracks) BGM Pack $0.99¢

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