Get Tropico 3 On Demand

Tropico 3
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I’m quite a fan of the tropico series, I have them all for PC with thanks to Ste for buying me Tropico 3, even though I was only joking about getting it me as a thanks for helping out with something… ANYWAY, instead of getting off track again, this here news is to tell you that you can now buy Tropico 3 from Xbox Live Games on Demand.
I probably shouldn’t state my indifference to the On Demand service, it’s a fine service for those that want it I suppose, I just can’t see why you would pay up to 300% more for the sake of ‘convenience’ although, in defense of Tropico 3, it’s £14.99 on Games On Demand where you can buy from Play for £11.40, so it’s not that much more.

Some game info:
Developed by Haemimont Games, Tropico 3 brings the series back to its roots and puts players in the role of ‘El Presidente’, the two-bit dictator of a strategically positioned banana republic in the Caribbean during the time of the Cold War. Players assume control of every aspect of island life, deciding whether to unleash the army to secure their power base or lead their people to prosperity as a generous elder statesman. Will absolute power corrupt, or will the humanitarian approach spur progress.
So it’s up to you, El Presidente, to decide whether you download from Xbox Live ($19.99 USD by the way) or purchase a hard copy for less…