UK Digital Download Chart Coming

ELSPA is known as the trading association for many things and one of those things is videogames, it’s where the weekly top 10 comes from, which is why ELSPA has announced that it will produce a UK download chart for PC games from input featuring the big digital distributors including Ubisoft, THQ, Sega, NCsoft, Mastertronic, Kalypso Media, Midas Interactive and Square Enix.

Andy Payne, Chairman of ELSPA commented, ‘We formed this group specifically to deal with the supply of an official download chart, initially for the PC and initially for the UK. We are really glad that ELSPA members have stepped up to the plate and we have a legal agreement with Chart-Track for them to do the heavy lifting as they have the experience and knowledge of the industry. This chart will be owned by ELSPA and I would call for other members to join the group as soon as they can and not miss out in helping to form and shape this important development for all of us. We in the process of reaching out to TIGA and their membership and hope to have more on that very soon.’

It appears they’re waiting for a few others to officially join, but data has been collected over some months to get an idea of how it works and yes, sales from Steam will be counted too as well as other third party resellers.

Sam Collins, Commercial Manager at ELSPA added, ‘It is great to be working with members to build a report which will not only deliver member value, but one which will help the UK interactive entertainment industry realise its potential in an increasingly connected digital economy’.

The partnership is with existing GfK Chart-Track who provide the retail charts.

John Pinder, Managing Director of GfK Chart-Track added, ‘We at Chart-Track are thrilled to have been invited to extend our remit for the packaged goods charts into the digital space. Working with ELSPA and their members makes total sense and we look forward to delivering a chart very soon’.

Linkage: ELSPA.