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Trolls Invade Xbox Live Indie Games

Please, do not feed the trolls!
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You know the old saying, “Don’t feed the trolls” when applying to attention seeking idiots on the internet, well it seems that someone has decided to make a game called Don’t Feed The Trolls and released it onto Xbox Live Indie Games which has been a labour of love from a one-man company known as Frozax Games.

Game info:
Honor the famous warning “Don’t Feed the Trolls” in this fast-paced reflex game played in one-minute levels. You need sharp reflexes to feed the bears without accidentally feeding a troll. Don’t get scared and chase them with huge noisy slaps!
Amongst the starving bear, the stubborn bear, the disguised troll or the king troll, a total of thirteen kinds of creatures will add originality and variety in each level.
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