Quarrel Deluxe for Just 69p!

Word games are quite popular these days and especially on mobile devices, Quarrel is a highly talked about title that as from today, instead of paying £2.99, you can get Quarrel Deluxe for the bargain price of just 69p.

Game blurb:
In Quarrel, players must battle their opponents for control of an island split into territories. In order to do this, they must create the highest scoring word from a given eight-letter anagram, ultimately claiming the land on the quest for total vocabulary domination.

Quarrel Deluxe01.jpg Quarrel Deluxe02.jpg Quarrel Deluxe03.jpg Quarrel Deluxe04.jpg Quarrel Deluxe05.jpg

You have until 8am on Monday to take adavantage of the weekend discount!
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