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Mercury Hg: Heavy Elements

If you think you will perfect all the levels of the Heavy Elements DLC in a day, you… may well do so if you really stick to it, but there are new obstacles and surfaces to contend with that make things a little tricky.

Quarrel Deluxe for Just 69p!

Word games are quite popular these days and especially on mobile devices, Quarrel is a highly talked about title that as from today, instead of paying £2.99, you can get Quarrel Deluxe for the bargain price of just 69p.

Mercury Hg

It would be so easy to reference Marble Madness because of the basic idea of rolling a metal ‘ball’ around mazes, while it does have that similarity, the first thought that popped into my head when starting the game was Breaking Bad.

Mercury Hg Out Now!

UTV Ignition has launched their new metallic puzzler onto Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in which you roll a blob of mercury around to solve and progress though loads of challenging stages.

Mercury Screens Roll In

UTV Ignition has released some screens of Mercury, but no other info… [pe2-gallery] [/pe2-gallery]