Mercury Hg: Heavy Elements

If you think you will perfect all the levels of the Heavy Elements DLC in a day, you… may well do so if you really stick to it, but there are new obstacles and surfaces to contend with that make things a little tricky.

If you’ve already played the main game, you’ll know that ending stages with 100% of your blob of Mercury is essential to boosting your score and gaining a point to open up new element levels, what you’ll find more of in the Heavy Elements levels are holes. Holes in the floors of the platforms are quite a hazard that can sometimes be rather difficult to avoid losing a few drops of mercury through and especially when matched with super slippery surfaces.
A total of 30 levels are included in three groups with ten bonus levels, so technically, you’re getting 40 levels for your money which is, well, a bonus. The Heavy Elements pack will extend the gameplay for a long time, which seems quite an obvious thing to say since it contains so much, although each level should really only take under a minute to complete, that would mean there’s only about an hours worth of extra levels, which is probably true if you just go through them without taking the time to achieve maximum points.
Although it can be a frustrating game due to not quite being able to manoever the mercury blob in such a way that you have to split it, roll the separate blobs under colour changers and then mix them back to create a new colour, so that you can get to the chequered square, those of you that are persistant will find it a lot more enjoyable going back to improve yourself.
Since this is a downloadable content review that pretty much just offers more of what is already available, all that’s left to say is yes, it is a worth purchase because of how much it adds to the base game, but due to there nothing else except extended gameplay, the score is the same as the review of the main game.