Mercury Hg Out Now!

UTV Ignition has launched their new metallic puzzler onto Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in which you roll a blob of mercury around to solve and progress though loads of challenging stages.
[pe2-gallery] Mercury_L004_HUD.jpg Mercury_L034.jpg Mercury_L038.jpg Mercury_L070_HUD.jpg Mercury_L071_HUD.jpg Mercury_L076_HUD.jpg Mercury_RL001.jpg[/pe2-gallery]
Features include:

  • All-devious new tile types: conveyors, doors, and moving platforms.
  • Level sections offering ultra-slippery or ultra-sticky, spinners and switches, and teleporters and magnets add to the unique arcade puzzle action for which Mercury is famous.
  • New level objects, such as Smartfloor, which only forms as you move towards it.
  • Three bonus challenges per level that gauge your abilities: The amount of mercury to finish, the time to complete, AND the number of bonuses collected all come into play.
  • Sixaxis controller support (accelerometer only).
  • Animated reactive backgrounds and floors responding to music.
  • New “Re-merge” button help feature reforms the blob with a magnet, but beware: there will be penalties for its use!
  • Online leaderboard support. Replay sharing between friends and downloadable replays from the leaderboards, including ghosts of your friend’s best times.

Mercury Hg is a title that will attract all gamers with its broad appeal” says Vip Patel, Sales Director. “It’s a fun challenge that looks really cool, with endless replayability options and we are excited by the fact that this release will revitalize the Mercury brand’s popularity with a new generation of players, as well as existing fans of the franchise.”

It can be yours for £3.99 or 400 Microsoft Points with downloadable content to be announced at a later date.

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