FortressCraft Gets Fortified

Owners of the Xbox Live Indie title FortressCraft may already know this, but if you haven’t opened the game for a little while, you may need to know that there’s an update that apparently has so much in it, it’s known as a ‘game changer’.

To give you all the info, here’s the blurb:
Perhaps the most exciting part of this Chapter 1.1 is the addition of physics to the game and the ways in which the player can use this as they build. They’ll be able to create physics objects – also known as “doodads.” By channeling a laser beam into another new item, the Factory, they’ll spawn endless amounts of the doodads which can then ride about on conveyor belts, spring off jump-pads, trigger pressure pads, and more. The limit is your imagination.
New to the patch is also the ability to configure custom object behaviors without a keyboard. In the past, only Fortresscrafters with a USB keyboard were able to make their objects do unique things such as sway with the wind or bounce; but now all players will be able to make their world come alive by going to the pause menu while in the workshop and simply selecting which behavior they’d like their new object to adopt.
All you’ll need to do to update the game is start it, simple as that. Enjoy!
Visit for more info and add buy from the Xbox Marketplace.

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