Let's Golf 3 Is Free, At a Recurring Price

Gameloft UK announced earlier today that Let’s Golf 3 launched on the Android Market and the good news is, it’s free! Yours for the price of going on the Market to download, then playing until you run out of energy… what?

English: Gameloft 2008 corporate logo Français...Apparently, you use up energy when you play and seems to only last for about 10 holes, then you have to wait an hour just to regenerate one piece of energy or you can buy energy. That’s the catch as to why the game is free, to keep playing the game once your energy expires, you can either wait half a day to refill the energy bar or buy it, which could get quite costly.
The Android Market page mentions nothing of this, the only way to find out about such details is to read the User Reviews and their comments, because they give you better information due to taking the time to download and play the game. The problem isn’t the game itself, the graphics and gameplay are great, the issue is the requirements for replenishing energy that can only be compared to the likes of Facebook games that some people pump actual cash into for the sake of virtual goods, including items like in-game coffee to give their character a boost.
Is this a good thing or bad for business? It’s something that deters me, I’d prefer to pay one price for uninterrupted play, not needing to constantly pour money into what some may call a ‘cash cow’ and others, as seen in the Android Market comments, a scam. The recent weekend promotion where they (Gameloft UK) gave away Let’s golf 2 could have been some kind of ruse to give you a hankering for more, but if it means the only way to fully enjoy the game is keep paying out, then I think I’ll pass.
For all the info, visit the Android Market page.