Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto V?

It’s either speculation or something that the public haven’t been privy to such information, but according to, not only is Carl ‘C.J.’ Johnson rumoured to appear (stands to reason since it’s set in/near San Andreas), Niko Bellic shows up in the cast.

Niko Bellic
The reveal trailer itself contained enough to create a buzz around the internet of what they think GTA V will be about, even an inclination as to the release date of the game.
What is more interesting about this little nugget is that there isn’t ‘(Rumoured)’ (or (Rumored) for the people who can’t spell 😉 ) next to the name, like it’s a confirmed announcement of which someone somewhere must have forgotten to receive the memo, never mind send it out in the first place.
I wonder if Michael Hollick has heard about this revelation or would he find out by randomly checking his IMDB profile and see it, think ‘oh really?’ and get in touch with his agent or something.
What makes things a little more interesting is that Grand Theft Auto IV took the series in a new direction by featuring in Liberty City, GTA V is kind of going back to the ‘GTA III era’ by being set in Los Santos, which is found inside of the state of San Andreas. That raises questions why Niko Bellic would feature in GTA V unless he was somehow passing the baton to the next protagonist through some unknown deal that went on between games.
C.J. may just turn out as someone involved in certain missions, to deal with or for or maybe something bigger, who knows since it’s only rumoured that he will appear in the game.
Rockstar Games may not even know about this and if they do, could it be a leak before we’ve even had anymore official news, screenshots or trailers? It may just be some wishful thinking of an IMDB admin that could have heard something from way down the grapevine, either way, if it does turn out true that Niko Bellic will appear in Grand Theft Auto V, what do you think his role will be? Just in the intro sequence or have an integral part in the game?
The IMDB page has since been edited to remove C.J. and Niko Bellic, even Ned Luke, the only guy originally listed as being the voice for the main character is now just considered as rumoured. Seems someone got a bit excited and added a couple of characters  that they thought might appear in the latest GTA, but didn’t have any official confirmation.

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