Play Magicka for Free This Weekend!

Funny that Paradox Interactive should send out a press release about Magicka being free to play this weekend, it was actually something I was going to start doing, posting about some of the great deals on the different networks, Steam, XBL and PSN.

Paradox Interactive

Anyway, this is about something you certainly shouldn’t miss out on. All this weekend until Monday 10 am PST (around Monday, 6pm GMT), you can play Magicka till your heart’s content and if you like it, it can be yours for just £1.99, but you’ll need the DLC if you’re going to get the full enjoyment out of it!
For £4.24 you can get:

  • Magicka
  • Magicka: Vietnam
  • Magicka: Wizard’s Survival Kit
  • Magicka: Nippon
  • Magicka: Marshlands
  • Magicka: Final Frontier
  • Magicka: The Watchtower
  • Magicka: Frozen Lake
  • Magicka: Gamer Bundle
  • Magicka: Party Robes

If you already have Steam, just open the client and you’ll see it featured, but for the curious, see the deal page.
Meanwhile, here is a Q&A video…