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Netflix Hits the UK, LOVEFiLM Cries in Corner

It’s all over the internet already that Netflix has arrived in the UK and it seems like LOVEFiLM saw it as a threat before it hit our shores by making a deal with the BBC and ITV to show the best of what the channels has had to offer. As if that isn’t enough, LOVEFiLM has also dropped its monthly charge by £1 (not on website at time of posting), but is that enough to draw potential Netflix subscribers away?

Even by just looking at the websites, Netflix already beats LOVEFiLM, in fact, despite LOVEFiLM being well established in the UK, already looks dwarfed by what Netflix has to offer and for a better price. At just £5.99 each month, Netflix has a veritable repository of content at its fingertips ready to be streamed, whilst LOVEFiLM has only managed to offer two hours of streaming and three discs (DVD only?) for the same price.
From a personal point of view, Netflix has won already and it’s only just arrived. As some are saying, it’s nice to have some competition, but when the new contender looks better and not only on paper, the reigning champion needs to up their game or hang their gloves up and it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.
Will you be making the move to Netflix or are you LOVEFiLM forever?