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Netflix Xbox 360 App Updated

Major Nelson has announced that an update to the Netflix app on Xbox 360 is now available, bringing a few new changes and cloud support so that you can access Netflix on other Xbox 360 consoles and the ability to make the picture full screen if a movie has borders.

Microsoft Pushing Media Apps

I saw a bit of a silly comment today saying that according to Microsoft, when people have finished playing games, they like to watch something, whether it be a video or stream something via an app and I thought, yeah, because you make these apps like Crackle available for free, of course people will watch stuff through them.

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[How To] US Netflix on a UK Vita

All you early birds have probably drooled enough to drown a goldfish already after playing with your Vita this week and as usual, people of the UK don’t quite have access to things that North American Vita owners do, for example, a Netflix app. Luckily, one awesome person found a way to get the app AND access to US Netflix.

Netflix Hits the UK, LOVEFiLM Cries in Corner

It’s all over the internet already that Netflix has arrived in the UK and it seems like LOVEFiLM saw it as a threat before it hit our shores by making a deal with the BBC and ITV to show the best of what the channels has had to offer. As if that isn’t enough, LOVEFiLM has also dropped its monthly charge by £1 (not on website at time of posting), but is that enough to draw potential Netflix subscribers away?