[How To] US Netflix on a UK Vita

All you early birds have probably drooled enough to drown a goldfish already after playing with your Vita this week and as usual, people of the UK don’t quite have access to things that North American Vita owners do, for example, a Netflix app. Luckily, one awesome person found a way to get the app AND access to US Netflix.

Usual warning/disclaimer before we proceed, this is just a guide, nobody is TELLING or ORDERING you to do it. Mental Gamers, Postabargain.co.uk (where the info was originally posted) and @RidingOnTheWind/Freebird hold no responsibility if anything goes wrong.

How to put Netflix on the Vita:

  • Go to Settings – Format – Restore the PS Vita System.
  • Now, go through with this, but do NOT deactivate/unlink the account, also do NOT format the memory card.
  • Then the system will reboot. During the setup, enter your US SEN credentials (if you don’t have a US account, create one).
  • When that’s done, go to the PS Store and download the Netflix app.
  • Go through the restore again, doing it the same way.
  • Set up your system with your UK account.
  • Do the usual DNS changes like you have done already on your PS3 or 360 IF you want the US catalog instead of the UK one.
  • Start the Netflix app. It will say you can’t earn trophies with this app (because it wasn’t purchased with your account).
  • Obviously just ignore that as there are none anyway
  • Log in with your Netflix details and…Enjoy!

That’s it, simple as that. If you’re successful, please let us know in the comments.
A quick guide to getting US Netflix on your Xbox 360 and/or PlayStation 3:

  • Go into Network Settings and find the DNS settings of which you will have to manually change.
  • Enter – for the Primary DNS
  • Enter – for the Secondary DNS
  • For the 360, you just need to start the app, you may need to reboot the PS3.

Vita information courtesy of Tanja – Freebird.

[Update] The DNS seems to have either stopped working or they have blocked access, sorry, but there’s not a lot I can do about that…
[Update 2] There’s a different DNS option by registering at playmoTV and I (aceman) guarantee it works with the PS3, the Xbox 360 is kind of hit and miss. It’s free while still in beta and definitely works with the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Please note, I cannot provide any help here, refer to the mentioned services for queries.
[Update 3] playmoTV is now out of beta, so when you register, you will only get 7 days free. Apparently, if you pay for 30 days in July (2012), you get 30 days free.

9 Replies to “[How To] US Netflix on a UK Vita”

  1. This is why region specific is so damaging.
    PS3 remote play for games should be enabled too (even if it’s laggy) or Sony should give a due date for whatever they’re trying to do with it.
    Otherwise you end up with people hacking and doing workarounds.

  2. sony / microsoft have no control over the content of netflix i live in canada and what they show is restricted by the canadian television and radio commision (CRTC) which forces companies like netflix to have a certain percent canadian content such as say 10% of what they have is canadian.  which lowers what can be shown on the program…. it always annoys me personally.

  3. this was working ok until a day ago in the UK now it won’t connect

  4. came up with a new fix. All you need to do is create an american psn account on the playstation website. (Make sure you search for a fake american address for when it asks for details.) Then go into settings under format. Format your system (wont effect anything except wallpapers and youll need to enter details again such as time/date.) After youve formatted system it will ask to format memory card CLICK NO. then after it reboots sign into the us account. Downlload Netflix and then repeat the whole process again but sign into your uk account. Congrats, your now using Netflix on your UK vita! Its worked for me so far.

  5. Thank you! Just watched 6 hours of 24 back to back. Feel a bit tired at work but it’s worth it!

  6. Easiest way is :-
    Go to unotelly , download the exe file to your PS3 , change DNS setting as shown and see free trial version of U.S. channels anywhere in the world. Dont forget to say thanks once you get it right 🙂

    1. Why bother with a free trial of UnoDNS? Playmo is fine and “free while in beta” which it has been for quite some time and hopefully a lot longer which they say it will as more people sign up, so it’s not really “easier” is it? 🙂

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