NEO-GEO Pocket Returns… Or Not.

Sites around the internet are buzzing about a potential new handheld from SNK, the device is apparently a new form of NEO-GEO Pocket Color, but it seems too much like an iPhone to actually be real.

In fact, although the supposed specifications say that it’s slightly bigger than an iPhone, the case looks pretty much exactly like Apple have their hand over the phone to the lawyers.
English: A NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld video ...

The important thing to remember here is that it’s not a reboot of the old NEO-GEO Pocket Color handheld device that (unfortunately) flopped, it’s a new device that emulates the 20 games that is pre-installed on the system.

There doesn’t appear to be a slot for a game cart, so that would suggest downloads only with the games being stored on the SD card inserted in the one and only slot to be found.

I wouldn’t get too excited as it all seems a bit too fake to make sense, why would SNK want to release such a handheld right now? What games would be released for it since you can buy most of them on the PlayStation Network or Virtual Console on the Wii and new games are on the latest consoles anyway, it just doesn’t make sense?!

Original sources: andriasang, Famicom Plaza.

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