Eat the Food of Your Games

How much attention do you pay to the food in games? Not the obvious stuff like in The Sims which you feed your Sim, the little things like what you pick up for energy in fighting games or something you see on a poster in a shop window or what you might kick around in Oblivion/Skyrim.

One blog on the internet has noticed and has even taken the time to actually make the food or at least, what can be as close as a representation of the food and to be honest, some of it is pretty much spot on. There’s even a difficulty rating for you to judge how sharp your culinary skills are, some require just basic assembly while others need the assistance of kitchen equipment such as the cooker.


Minecraft cake is probably the most difficult to make at the moment, but most things that need cooking with fire have a difficulty of at least two out of five hearts.
So, where is this magical blog which has such yummy delights..?
Gourmet Gaming is where you can salivate at!