Get Your Name in the Game with Double Fine

It may seem a little unorthodox for a well established company like Double Fine to resort to asking for money for their next game, especially when the money comes from your pocket. Now before you think that sounds bad, it’s not.

English: Tim Schafer at Double Fine Production...

It’s a KickStarter project where you, the fan, could actually invest some of your cash into their next adventure game. For example, if you give $15, you will get the game when it is released on Steam, access to the beta which means you will have some say in the production of the game and help make it better and access to videos documenting the development.
Here’s the thing, if you can afford to pledge one hundred US Dollars ($100), not only will you also get the digital soundtrack and a special edition poster, you could have your name in the credits. Have you ever wanted to see your name scroll past after finishing a game (or just going through them from the main menu/options)?
Double Fine will shove your name into the Special Thanks list for all to see, the more money you pledge, the better the rewards!
Visit the KickStarter page for more information.