PSN Becomes SEN, What it Means To You

By now, you may have received an email from Sony to tell you that your PlayStation Network account is changing, do not fret though as it is only changing in name. It will no longer be called a PlayStation Network account, it’s changing to a Sony Entertainment Network account, so what does that mean for you?

CES 2012 - Sony press event - Sony Entertainment NetworkLet’s take a look at the email,

On February 8, 2012, “PlayStation®Network accounts” will be renamed “Sony Entertainment Network accounts” or “SEN accounts. This change will take effect at the same time as upcoming PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita* system software updates. After you update the system software on your PS3™ or PS Vita , you will notice that “PlayStation®Network accounts” have been renamed “Sony Entertainment Network accounts”. This change will not affect the naming of “PlayStation®Network accounts” when viewed on a PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. *PlayStation®Vita will launch from 22nd February, 2012.
This account change is a change in name only. You do not have to do anything and your username and password will not change.
Thank you for your continued loyalty and support during this transition
For FAQs and more detail on this change please visit or
The Sony Entertainment Network Team

Well, what it means is that your PlayStation Network account is changing name to a Sony Entertainment Network account. That’s it. There’s no over-analysing this, it’s right there, “PlayStation®Network accounts will soon be renamed Sony Entertainment Network accounts.” there’s nothing to read into, no conspiracies, nothing inconspicuous, just a change of name.
The only thing I’m not sure about is the asterisk after the first mention of PlayStation Vita, nothing in the email indicates why it’s there, very suspicious indeed! All joking aside, there’s nothing to worry about or panic over, it’s a change of name, don’t let other silly sites that use to pointless, “and what it means to you” phrase concern you.

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  1. Viktop

    I have lost al gt 5 after this.
    I was on level 39 on b spec, and now it zero

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