Xbox 360 Gets An Update

A what? Something that hasn’t happened before, an update for the Xbox 360 is now available. Nothing has been specifically detailed as to what it fixes except a problem with colour that some people were having, although the Official Xbox Magazine say that it lays the, “smackdown on a niggling colour issue in particular”, right… ok.

English: An black "Elite" Xbox 360 c...

This update will increase performance and is part of our continued effort to provide the best possible Xbox LIVE experience. In this update, we are providing a fix to a color issue that some were experiencing, and it will be immediately notable in the dashboard. The fix is also being applied by partners to their apps on Xbox LIVE, which we expect to roll out over the coming months.

So, is this going to be a regular thing? Xbox 360 updates made available when needed instead of once a year when they decide to do a whole dashboard update?
I welcome more regular updates and I get the feeling that because of apps, there will be more updates disguised as ‘system fixes’ and hey, if MS decide to throw in a fix or two to keep our consoles running smoothly, who’s complaining?!