EverQuest II Extended Means Free Play

If you’ve ever wanted to try EverQuest II, but didn’t like the idea of having to pay a subscription fee, Sony Online Entertainment would like you to know that EverQuest II Extended is the same as the proper full sub version, just free.
EverQuest II Extended joins the highly successful EverQuest II live subscription service, and together they provide EQII players with a choice of either a subscription-based or free-to-play business model, thus offering two distinct experiences operating in parallel, which is a first in the MMO industry.

More info:
Extended also provides players with quick and convenient game access through a new web-based streaming download application that lets players get into the game quicker than ever before. Extended also includes the recently improved EQII user-interface and Golden Path progression system![pe2-gallery class=”alignright” ] EverQuest II ExtendedI01.jpgEverQuest II ExtendedI02.jpgEverQuest II ExtendedI03.jpgEverQuest II ExtendedI04.jpg[/pe2-gallery]
It actually looks like a good idea, having a completely free ‘Bronze’ account is enough to get you started and build up a character, but if you really start to like it and want to take it to the next level, ‘Silver’ will open up a little more for you such as the ability to reach Expert Spell Tier, more Journal Quests and create your own guild.
The main problem with Bronze and Silver is that you’ll be frequently nagged to upgrade to Gold membership or, as should be available from the end of the month, Platinum membership, this image gives you all the info.
Visit EverQuestII.com to find out more about signing up and playing for free.