Mojang Settle Suit with Bethesda

Notch has tweeted that they’ve finally settled the lawsuit over that silly thing about the word ‘Scrolls’, the result means that Mojang can use the word Scrolls as the title of their game, but Bethesda own the trademark and everyone is happy.

It kind of went like this:
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At least it’s all out-of-the-way and development can continue on Scrolls (without the ™) without anything needing to be paid out!
Oh, but were Mojang making a game called Scrolls? Not one that has anything to do with whatever Bethesda thought would infringe upon anything to do with their Elder Scrolls franchise, which made the whole thing ridiculous in the first place.
[Update] And now there is official confirmation… not that you needed it, but there it is!

One Thought to “Mojang Settle Suit with Bethesda”

  1. hamidious01

    Honestly, it seems Notch is playing the innocent victim here.
    It seems that he wanted to patent the word scrolls so that Bethesda and others who use the name in any shape or form will get to pay him some of the money the make.
    And it seems after realizing Mojang can’t win he did just as Bethesda wanted to cut his losses.

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