EA Demonstrate Glassbox

EA have released a video which shows off the Glassbox Game Engine that is being used for SimCity, it gives you a visual idea of how the game will work from its core values and into the virtual world that you will create.

Hello future mayor!
Have you heard the big news? Of course you have. SimCity is back! It has returned home to Maxis where it is being reborn for an entirely new generation of gamers and it’s coming to PC in 2013. We will have plenty of time to show you the cutting edge aspects that will make this the deepest, richest and most accessible simulation in the franchise to-date in the coming months but today we’d like to focus on our super power: GlassBox.
GlassBox is the simulation engine that powers the world of SimCity and we’re taking you under the hood to show you the integrity of our simulation. We have a philosophy of What You See Is What You Sim; every aspect of the game is an agent that reports back to the underlying simulation. Watch the world come to life around you in a meaningful way, all thanks to GlassBox.

This video is part 1 of an ongoing series that will be available for people to see over the coming weeks at simcity.com. We can’t wait to show you more of SimCity in the future. In the meantime, please feel free to share this video – part 1 – with your readers and of course, let us know if you have any questions.
I think by we, they mean at SimCity.com.