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EA Offer SimCity Sufferers Penance

Were you one of the poor gamers who suffered at the hands of the evil EA when you first bought SimCity, thinking you could download and pay the game straight away? Good news! You can claim a free game!

Sim City Shows New Region

Maxis has revealed that up to 16 cities are playable in a single region, so you can choose one or more of the cities to play yourself or have a bunch of friends play the other cities in the region.

Disasters Hit SimCity

Due to playing catchup, you’ve probably already seen it, but if not, oh goodie! EA put a trailer together to try and show you how to avoid disasters in your simulated city, but doesn’t really explain much at all…

EA Reveal New SimCity Scenario

EA has released a second SimCity scenario video although, they tweeted a ‘scenario 3’ video yesterday, it is actually the third part in what is supposedly a four part series of scenario videos and just explains a few more details about the game, they seem to have skipped the second one.

EA Demonstrate Glassbox

EA have released a video which shows off the Glassbox Game Engine that is being used for SimCity, it gives you a visual idea of how the game will work from its core values and into the virtual world that you will create.