Hello Kitty Online Launches

Whether you’re a girl or just a big girly girl that’s a big Hello Kitty fan, you’ll be pleased to know that Hello Kitty Online has officially launched in the US and Europe, but the US and Canada get a collectible Premium Edition Retail edition with added extras.
The collectible Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition comes in a specially designed pink and black box that includes:
* $15 in Sanrio Cash Points to equip your character with premium items
* Choice of one out of four exclusive and cute virtual pets to be your faithful companion on your adventures
* Hello Kitty Online game client on DVD
* Full-color Hello Kitty Online game manual (82 pages)
* Hello Kitty Online collector’s postcards to share with friends…or to keep!

Game info:
Hello Kitty Online is set in a magical world featuring Hello Kitty and other popular Sanrio® characters. Players travel to exciting places such as London, Tokyo and Paris. Along the way they will meet their favorite Sanrio characters, including Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, My Melody, Cinnamoroll and many others. Hello Kitty Online is the first MMOG to integrate true social networking services in the form of blogs, video sharing and Hello Kitty email provided by SanrioTown. The innovative online game boasts a captivating storyline, a myriad of quests, farms, housing, pets, guilds, thousands of options to customize player avatars, and much more.

“Sanrio Digital has created an entertaining digital world for our fans to engage with Hello Kitty and Sanrio friends in a truly social gaming environment,” said Robert Ferrari, vice president of publishing and business development, Sanrio Digital. “To celebrate Sanrio’s 50th anniversary, we are excited to launch Hello Kitty Online and offer our Premium Edition Retail SKU to both current and soon-to-be fans.”

With today’s commercial release of Hello Kitty Online the game service now offers an item mall where players have an option to purchase a variety of in-game virtual items to enhance their game experience. The item mall also offers players the ability to use a variety of online payment methods for their purchases. Additionally, Hello Kitty Online branded prepaid game cards will soon launch at key retailers.

“Offering Hello Kitty Online as a retail SKU makes for a great addition to the Sanrio Digital line-up of Hello Kitty gaming SKUs Zoo offers at retail in North America, “ said Mark Seremet, CEO, Zoo Entertainment. “We are excited to bring HKO to retail for the fall and holiday season.”

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