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Enter The Land of Chaos Online

A new MMOG has been launched by burda:ic called Land of Chaos Online that anyone can download and play if you’re into games that blend elements of RTS and third-person shooters. “Both ourselves and Danal Entertainment would like to thank the entire LOCO community for their continuous help and constructive feedback during open beta testing, we couldn’t have brought the game to its extremely high quality level without their support,” said Ingo Griebl, managing director of burda:ic. “The fight for the Land of Chaos has officially begun, and it won’t be ending any time soon … we have tons of additional features, maps and characters in development to enjoy, so stay tuned!” Game info: LOCO boasts 12 heroes to choose from, each with unique strengths and abilities, including popular charcters like Atin, Foxlady and RandyRozz. Along with LOCO’s existing roster, three powerful new characters are scheduled to be added within the next month: AAKbah—a strong close combat fighter; Ellan Rhineford—a support character with team buffs to support his allies; and Partisan—a fast and merciless assassin capable of battling opponents at...

Hello Kitty Online Launches

Whether you’re a girl or just a big girly girl that’s a big Hello Kitty fan, you’ll be pleased to know that Hello Kitty Online has officially launched in the US and Europe, but the US and Canada get a collectible Premium Edition Retail edition with added extras. The collectible Hello Kitty Online Premium Edition comes in a specially designed pink and black box that includes: * $15 in Sanrio Cash Points to equip your character with premium items * Choice of one out of four exclusive and cute virtual pets to be your faithful companion on your adventures * Hello Kitty Online game client on DVD * Full-color Hello Kitty Online game manual (82 pages) * Hello Kitty Online collector’s postcards to share with friends…or to keep!

World of Tanks Gets Medium Trailer

Wargaming.net has released a trailer for World of Tanks of which has also entered closed beta, as well as a trailer, there’s a bunch of info to be read in case you might have missed it. The footage demonstrates epic in-game clashes of WWII era armored fighting vehicles giving a glimpse inside medium tanks’ tactics in battle! and highlights combat characteristics of legendary T-44, VK 3002 (DB) and Panther units. Medium tanks perform a wide array of task on the battlefield that range from protecting artillery and convoying allied units to staging instant flank attacks and capturing the enemy base being the main assault power of the team.