Enter The Land of Chaos Online

A new MMOG has been launched by burda:ic called Land of Chaos Online that anyone can download and play if you’re into games that blend elements of RTS and third-person shooters.

“Both ourselves and Danal Entertainment would like to thank the entire LOCO community for their continuous help and constructive feedback during open beta testing, we couldn’t have brought the game to its extremely high quality level without their support,” said Ingo Griebl, managing director of burda:ic. “The fight for the Land of Chaos has officially begun, and it won’t be ending any time soon … we have tons of additional features, maps and characters in development to enjoy, so stay tuned!”

Game info:
LOCO boasts 12 heroes to choose from, each with unique strengths and abilities, including popular charcters like Atin, Foxlady and RandyRozz. Along with LOCO’s existing roster, three powerful new characters are scheduled to be added within the next month: AAKbah—a strong close combat fighter; Ellan Rhineford—a support character with team buffs to support his allies; and Partisan—a fast and merciless assassin capable of battling opponents at any range with high-powered attacks.
More info can be found by reading the Spellbook of Laair Hathy at loco.en.alaplaya.net/pages/loco_book_spell and to download the LOCO client, go to loco.en.alaplaya.net/download.

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