Codex Will Have You Puzzled

Good Guy Robots has released a game onto Xbox Live Indie Games called Codex which is a puzzle game that has gotten gamers to scratch their heads and think.
Game info:
Codex is a spatial logic puzzle with one goal in mind: To solve the puzzle in the fewest moves to earn gold medals. The gold medals are showcased in the leaderboards where players are ranked based on score with an option to display their medal haul. The medal haul shows off how each player did on each level.
Codex has 30 levels in progression of puzzle size and difficulty grouped in 6 stages. Finishing a puzzle will unlock the next one as long as you complete the puzzle within the number of prescribed moves. You can go back and play any puzzle you’ve already completed, however this feature is disabled in trial mode.
You can even hook up your music player by USB and take advantage of music visualizations during gameplay that has each of the gears tuned to a specific frequency as the music is playing for a better experience for gamers to listen to the music they enjoy.
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